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What is Lycoming Children and Youth Services?

Lycoming Children & Youth Services (LCYS) works in cooperation with the community, families, and other organizations to guarantee health, safety, welfare, and social growth to children and youth in Lycoming County.


Case managers work in cooperation with schools, police, medical personnel, and other human service organizations to keep families together.

When the agency is unable to keep families together, efforts are made to remedy the conditions which led to separation so children may be returned to the family or have a permanent living arrangement as soon as possible.

What Services Does Lycoming Children and Youth Services Provide?

Child Protective Services, which is the mandatory investigation of all reports of suspected physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and serious physical neglect.

General Protective Services which completes assessments on referrals of physical neglect, lack of necessities, parent/child conflicts, runaways, truancy, and families in need of support services.

Ongoing Casework Services are provided to all families and children with an open case, directing efforts toward keeping families together if possible and reuniting children with their families or finding a permanent living arrangement if it is not possible for the family to stay together.

Specialized Services including foster care and the recruitment and training of foster parents, adoption, parent support, independent living, shelter care and day and evening treatment programs.

Who Should Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect?

Anyone can make a report of suspected abuse or neglect, although certain individuals are required to make reports if they are aware of a concern. These individuals are called Mandated Reporters and are those individuals, who during the course of their employment come into contact with children (teachers, daycare workers, and healthcare professionals).