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What are Intellectual Disabilities?

The official definition is sub-average general intellectual functioning, which originates during the development period and is associated with impairment of maturation, learning and social adjustment. The term "Developmental Disability" is replacing the outdated phrase "mental retardation" since it more accurately describes the individual's condition.

What Does the Lycoming-Clinton MH/ID Program Do?

The Lycoming-Clinton Intellectual Disabilities Program provides a variety of services to assist individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to live and work in their home communities.


There was a time not too long ago when someone diagnosed with mental retardation was kept apart from their family and community in large state-operated centers or segregated in "special ed" programs in school.

Today we recognize the benefits of integration, not only for the individual with developmental disabilities, but for the entire community as well. Thus, the support services offered by the Lycoming-Clinton Intellectual Disabilities Program are based in the local community and encourage active participation by the individual, their family, friends, and neighbors.

Services include residential and in-home care, vocational and employment services, family support and specialized therapies. Specialized early intervention services are also provided for children from birth to age 3 who have a developmental delay.

What Does it Cost?

Most of our services are provided at no cost to the individual and/or family. When a service is provided that requires payment from the recipient, a financial determination form is completed. Fees are based upon income and the individual or family is aware of all costs up front. However, all services can be arranged regardless of an individual's ability to pay.

For More Information, Call us at:

  • (570) 323-2929 (Lycoming County)
  • (570) 748-2262 (Clinton County)