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Please join our network of families by becoming a foster parent or adoptive parent of children birth to 18 years.

Lycoming Children & Youth Services
Resource Care

(570) 326-7895

Would you like to become a resource parent?

The agency is always in need of caring individuals and families willing to become resource parents (also known as foster parents).

Homes are needed for all children, especially for children with challenging behaviors, special needs, and/or mental health concerns.

What is Resource Care?

A resource parent is a person who provides temporary care for children birth to 18 years who cannot be safely maintained in their own home. A resource parent may eventually provide permanency for those children, including becoming an adoptive family.

What is the role of a Resource Parent?

A Lycoming Children & Youth Services (LCYS) resource parent provides children with a nurturing and safe family experience and the stability and guidance needed to reach their individual potentials.

Your role as a child's resource parent may be one of the most positive and rewarding experiences of your life. It may also present many challenges and require large amounts of love, patience, and understanding as you strive to meet the needs of children placed in your care. Resource parents must be able to demonstrate a commitment to children with unique needs and characteristics. Resource parents are expected to embrace the principle of honoring the cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic, and religious/spiritual background of young people and their families.

It is the agency's role to provide you with the guidance and support you will need to make a positive intervention in a child's life.

This experience should be considered a supplement to and not a substitute for the natural family. We believe that a strong partnership between the resource family, natural family, and the Agency is essential to helping each child achieve timely permanency.

Who are the children?

Lycoming Children & Youth Services works with children from birth to age 18. Children placed in a Lycoming CYS resource home are adjudicated "dependant" by the local court and placed in the custody, care, and control of Lycoming Children & Youth Services for placement in an approved resource home. Children are residents of Lycoming County.

Why are the children placed in resource care?

Children are placed in resource care when their health and safety can not be assured in the natural home. Some reasons a child may be placed in resource care include:

  • Physical abuse / sexual abuse
  • Lack of or substandard housing
  • Medical or physical neglect
  • Severe family conflicts / domestic abuse
  • Drug / alcohol issues of the parent

What supports are available to help resource parents be successful?

Lycoming Children & Youth Services provides resource parents with the following supports:

  • A daily per-diem which includes room, board and clothing allowances.
  • Coverage of all medical and dental expenses through the PA State Medical Assistance Program (ACCESS)
  • Access to STEP childcare funding for resource parents who are employed full time
  • 24 hour caseworker accessibility for emergency situations and concerns that need immediate attention
  • Free school lunch program and Women, Infants, and Children nutritional program (WIC) for all qualifying foster children.
  • Ongoing training providing you the special knowledge and confidence to do your best as a resource parent.

Do the children have contact with their parents, siblings, and extended family members?

State law mandates regular visits with the biological family unless the child's permanency goal is not to return home with their family. Visitation is one of the most important components of achieving a successful and timely reunification of the child with their family. Regular and frequent parent/child visits assist the child in maintaining and strengthening his/her relationship with the birth family.

What are the basic criteria for becoming a Lycoming Children & Youth Resource Parent?

  • Resource parents must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Resource parents may be a single parent.
  • Resource parents may be employed full time.
  • Resource parents must pass an initial medical appraisal by a licensed physician establishing the resource parent is physically able to care for children and is free from communicable disease.
  • Criminal and ChildLine background check must be completed on all individuals (14 years and older) in the household.
  • A resource parent must be able to document financial stability.
  • A resource parent must participate in 12 hours of pre-service training and then participate in 6 hours of Agency approved training annually thereafter.
This is only a sampling of the criteria needed to become a resource parent.

If you want to learn more about becoming a resource parent please call:
Lycoming Children & Youth Services
Resource Care

(570) 326-7895
Or e-mail fostercare@joinder.org

You are invited to join us in helping the children of our community